War Brides display in the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, ON
Pelicans en masse
Fremont St, Las Vegas, Nevada
Sweet P
A lone coyote in Manning Park, BC
King Oak is part of Ireland's largest surviving forest of native oaks
Martin has been weaving since he was 10-years-old, is a fourth generation of weavers from the Oaxaca region, whose designs are called Zapotec. Some of the themes are rain and mountains and everything is hand woven. Natural dyes from different plants are used to make  all the beautiful pieces on display in the store in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico.
Ants are enjoying an early breakfast
Fall Splendor
A commonplace method of transporting many people, Papanoa, Guerrero, Mexico
Pelican prepare to land on Playa Principal, Zihuatanejo, MX
Orca Breaching featured in the 2015 Nature Canada calendar, April
As the upright bud pod opens, it splits into five parts, curling back under the 5” pink spiky stamens.
Grizzly Country
A pelican, common to the beaches of Zihuatanejo, walks by a fishing boat
A male iguana resides behind El Manglar, La Ropa Beach, Zihatanejo, MX
A young Justin Trudeau arrives at CFB Uplands with his father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and one of his brothers.
California Poppies
Jess and Josh at Nk'Mip Cellars
Willetts, members of the sandpiper family, run from the waves on La Ropa Beach
A pelican flies away with the whole fish
Passage of Time
Noisy Miner, a bird of the honeyeater family-endemic to eastern Australia
WestJet Magazine June 2015 Photo of the Month
Dancers perform on the main stage at the Oliver Sunshine Festival
Porter holds on tight to Grandma's finger
Rainbow Lorikeet, a parrot, unmistakable with its bright red beak and colourful plumage- eastern Australia
Painted Turtles basking in the sunshine along the Okanagan River
Marion is focused on the 'barrel' in Oliver, BC
A tree emerges from the rock in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Kangaroos rest in the shade of the gum trees at Lone Pine in Brisbane, AU
Butterflies  feed on the nectar of butterfly bushes.
The cool water flows along the Skagit River Trailhead, BC
Chiquita in Papanoa,  Guerrero, Mexico
Shepherd in northern Spain
Pollen Overload
Las Vegas Strip
A lady in her Spanish garden takes a moment to look at the work she has accomplished